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Reo.Dev provides detailed insights based on high quality developer activity data. Know the unique pain points of the account, tailor your pitch and get in at the right time to close deals faster.
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“Reo.Dev identified developers checking our GitHub repos, reading developer documentation, downloading packages, and visiting our website.”

Alec Cross
VP, Business Development and Alliances, Lightbend
Prioritize ready-to-buy accounts

Identify accounts that are at advanced stages of evaluation and cut short the sales cycle.

Personalize your sales pitch

Leverage developer activity insights to tailor your messaging. Speak your buyer’s language and get more responses.

Get ahead of competition

Know which accounts and developers are evaluating a competitor product. Get in before your competitor seals the deal.

Track deal progression

Know which deals have incognito developer activity are moving forward and which ones are going cold.

Revive stalled deals

Get alerted when developers start re-engaging with your product. Restart conversations gone cold after a demo.

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