Unleash, a Commercial Open company, uses Reo.Dev to track developer intent signals and overachieve sales quotas

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About Unleash

Unleash is the world’s largest open source feature flag management solution with:

  • 21M+ Docker downloads
  • 10K+ Github stars
  • 100K+ Monthly active developers

World before Reo.Dev

Unleash lacked intent signals to identify which accounts and developers are currently evaluating a feature flag management solution.

They did not have visibility into who is using their open source product, engaging with their GitHub repository, reading installation guides, and developer documentation.

Prior to Reo.Dev, Unleash simply used firmographics and technographics data to find which companies were good targets. In addition, they used title searches to identify relevant individuals in those accounts and go after them.

How did Unleash use Reo.Dev?

Reo.Dev provided Unleash high quality developer intent data. It helped Unleash monitor who is using their open source product, reading installation guides, developer documentation or even checking out competitor Github repos.

The SDR team used these intent signals to prioritize outreach. Accounts that showed high Developer activity on Reo.Dev and qualified customer fit criteria were top priority.

Reo.Dev became part of the daily workflow. SDRs log into Reo every morning and use it to plan their activity for the day.

“Reo.Dev provided Unleash high quality developer intent signals from Github, package manager installs, developer documentation and more. Since we implemented Reo.Dev, we've had consecutive months of overachievement on our pipeline goals” said Michael Ferranti, VP Marketing, Unleash

What outcomes has Unleash achieved with Reo.Dev?

  • Reo.Dev helped increase the ROI and effectiveness of Sales outreach by highlighting the right prospects to reach out at the right time.

  • Unleash saw higher response rates with their email campaigns and phone conversations when targeting accounts prioritized by Reo.Dev.
"We have uploaded a list of High Priority Accounts into Reo.Dev. One day, we logged into Reo.Dev and noticed that one of these accounts was spiking in activity.  My SDR wrote two emails to two people that were identified by Reo. They got back to us instantly, booked a meeting and now we have an opportunity in that company about upgrading from open source to enterprise. It literally was like one email!.  We would not have identified that opportunity without Reo.Dev” - said Michael Ferranti.

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