Fluree uses Reo.Dev to accelerate self-serve motion - Achieves 30% MoM increase in signups

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About Fluree:

Fluree is a knowledge graph database with security, digital trust, and linked data standards built in. With flexible architecture and minimal runtime, Fluree allows developers to deploy anywhere, connect across instances, scale to the edge, and securely power any number of applications.

World before Reo.Dev

Fluree was in the process of building a robust open-source, self-serve flywheel. Their primary goal, like with all self-serve products, was to increase sign-ups.

However, Fluree wasn't seeking sign-ups from hobbyists. Fluree aimed to attract developers who were genuinely interested in building platforms/services upon graph databases requiring secured sharing of data.

Before Reo.Dev, the Marketing team at Fluree dedicated extensive hours of manually researching and identifying these high-intent developers.

Moreover, Fluree wanted to get context into developer activities on their product assets such as documentation and GitHub to communicate authentically with the right audience and avoid coming across as overly sales-oriented when encouraging sign-ups.

Why did Fluree choose Reo.Dev?

Reo.Dev was able to help Fluree identify developers who were actively checking out GitHub repositories, reading Fluree’s technical documentation.

“We now know who's looking at our documentation or who's reviewing our github?
That's a much easier and frictionless path to building pipeline versus your traditional approach on outbound, which is you know, a little bit more on the the mass spammy side”

This enabled the Marketing team to understand exactly which developers are actively evaluating Fluree's platform, allowing them to pinpoint opportunities beyond hobbyists.

I'm also just seeing a lot more engagement. Because again, we're reaching out to people who are either taking a look at our category or taking a look at our product. And I see I'm starting up a lot of really nice conversations with folks. Whereas the other process would be just reaching out blindly. And we don't really want to do that."

How does Fluree use Reo.Dev?

Fueling PLG motion: Data on developer activity provided by Reo.Dev enabled Fluree's Marketing team to tailor highly personalized outreach messages to the right audience, effectively making a compelling case for driving sign ups.

Impact delivered by Reo.Dev

  • Fluree witnessed a 30% month on month increase in signups since using Reo.dev.
  • The marketing team now saves 40 hours on research time
“I found a 30% increase in just simply sign ups month over month from when we started with Reo Dev.”
“Reo.Dev's data is some of the best data that I've ever used in my line of work, because it's very timely, and I can reach out to them directly and immediately, and know that I have a higher success rate. I have a higher win rate.”

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