Chronicle Software uses Reo.Dev to uncover high-intent prospects from open source users, aiding SDRs in effective outreach.

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About Chronicle Software:

Chronicle Software is a leading provider of low-latency trading execution systems using microservices architecture and their own methodologies for the financial services industry. 

World before Reo.Dev

Open source products of Chronicle Software have more than 240K+ downloads a month. For Andrew Twigg, Director of Sales and his SDR team, this posed a huge opportunity to nurture these open source users and turn them into potential enterprise customers.

However, the team had no visibility into who the users of their open source products were, how they were engaging with the product or where they were in their buying journey.

Due to the lack of this intel, the SDR were shooting in the dark when it came to meeting the users at where they are in their buying journey, understanding specific uses and what kind of messaging to use to nurture the users.

How did they use Reo.Dev?

Reo.Dev helped Chronicle Software identify who is using their open source products, checking out Github repos and visiting their website. Chronicle Software also leveraged Reo.Dev’s capability to identify developers engaging with competitors. By triangulating intent signals from these sources, Reo.Dev was able to provide high-intent opportunities from the open source users.

“One of the work that Reo.Dev is doing for us is around the web and understanding who's going on to our website. It's helping us triangulate prospects.It's helping us to understand where they score in terms of intent.”

“With Reo.Dev we'd still be blind to who's using our and also our competitor's product.”

Equipped with the developer intent data, the SDR team at Chronicle Software gained insights into the specific use cases of each open-source user, assessed their level of engagement with the products, and effectively customize outreach messaging.

Impact delivered by Reo.Dev

Developer-intent data from Reo.Dev enabled the SDR team to launch highly targeted and customising nurture campaigns that aligned with the needs and intent of the open source users.

“Reo.Dev is becoming more and more integrated into our SDR process.”

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