How Aporia, an ML observability platform, booked 2X more meetings and generated 70% higher ROI on ad campaigns using Reo.Dev

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About Aporia

Aporia is a leader in ML observability helping ML practitioners and leaders  to monitor, control, and investigate AI models in one place. Aporia helps ML practitioners to mitigate hallucinations, reduce risks in production, cut production costs and time to market.

World before Reo.Dev

Aporia’s target audience comprises developers, data scientists and machine learning practitioners. Marketing to a technical audience was tough because they like to evaluate tools on their own, are harder to convince and do not respond to cold sales outreach

Existing ABM  platforms out  there  capture intent  signals  from  the  broader  web, media

Sources, bidstream data, G2 and Linkedin.

However, these  are not places where developers  spend time. Hence, existing ABM tools

Do not work when targeting developers

Aporia tried using other ABM platforms but did not see good results, as none of those platforms tracked developer activities and intent signals

“We tried other ABM platforms but did not see good results. Tracking developer Intent signals are very hard. Reo.Dev is the only platform where we could get good quality developer intent from Github, Docker, documentation and Slack”.

Why Aporia choose Reo.Dev?

Aporia  found high quality  intent data on Reo.Dev from developer platforms such as Github, Docker, developer documentation, Slack communities, and more.

For the first time, Aporia could track whether a data scientist  or  machine  learning  practitioner  is evaluating Aporia incognito, looking for ML observability solutions, deploying AI models in production and more.

How does Aporia use Reo.Dev for GTM?

Marketing: Aporia used Reo.Dev to run targeted at campaigns on high intent accounts that

are evaluating Aporia anonymously or that are evaluating competitor products at this moment.

Sales: The BDR team of Aporia uses Slack alerts to stay on top of developer activity in target accounts and reach out to them at the right time and with a personalized message.

"One of the most interesting applications of Reo.Dev was to identify developers using open  source Generative AI models like langchain. This is a great target audience for Aporia as we can get in front of these developers with Aporia’s Guardrails® product that is very useful for building GenAI applications”

Impact delivered by Reo.Dev

  • Aporia  witnessed  a  2X  improvement  in  meetings  booked,  SQLs  and  POCs  when reaching out to high intent accounts identified by Reo.Dev.

  • They also saw 70% higher engagement and conversion on ad campaigns targeted at accounts and developers identified by Reo.Dev.

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