Killing Silos and Streamlining Developer Led GTM Teams

The unifying factor that could bring all the teams together.

Achintya Gupta
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Developer Led GTM
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Every day, we talk to revenue leaders in developer-focused companies, and it is surprising how many of their teams work in silos.

The DevRel and Developer marketing teams focus on developer education, experience and getting them the best support. They have a lot of intel on the developer challenges, but are often questioned on linking this to revenue.

The Demand Generation and SDR teams run campaigns and nurtures to the buyers to find revenue opportunities, but are blind to the huge developer funnel being built by DevRel/ Dev Marketing.

The AEs arrange demos for the buyers, who delegate the evaluation to developers in their teams. When this happens (and it happens very often) AEs loose visibility into their pitch progress as developers like to do their own evaluation.

These silos are expensive. They hide the true sales pipeline, reduce team efficiencies and channel investments in wrong directions.

So what should be the unifying factor that could bring all the teams together.

Reo.Dev we believe it is the 'knowledge of the account / organisation of the developers.'

All the activities of developers, once translated into their employing organisations can help the entire GTM function have a single view, that is, which are the organisations where their organic developer motion is resulting in revenue opportunities.

DevRel teams can find revenue signals amongst a lot of chatter and prioritise activities. They can measure account movements in their activities.

Demand Gen and SDR teams can see accounts where developer evaluations are surging or maturing and gauge the right time to outreach.

The AEs can track their target accounts and see their developer activity levels. Understand where they need to push sales engineering support.

The illustration below helps describe the case in point:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

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